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About Inspired Custom Designs

About Inspired Custom Design

Zach Twose

Zach Twose is a Real-Estate Professional, Real Estate Investor, and a design consultant with over a decade experience buying, selling, renovating, and optimizing all sorts of real estate purchases. Zach specializes in reviewing real estate for its potential financial gain and regularly attends seminars and conferences to continue perfecting his skills and practises. He can guide and teach you not only how to locate the perfect property (even though it may first appear to be a disaster) but how to transcend it into your dream and future through realistic designs and professional renovation services. With an Easy going smile he will help remove many of the pressures brought on through construction and make the process one you will be willing to complete again and again.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

- Sir Winston Churchill

Andrew Pelisek

Andrew Pelisek is a construction manager, planner, and foreman with over 20 years of hands on
experience in varying aspects of construction. Between working on high rise buildings, to excavating out basements he has nearly seen and done it all. Andrew is devoted and a family man who understands the stress and pressures renovations can bring and will make your project run consistent and hassle free. With his abundance of information he will help explain possible solutions to bringing your ideas to life

while ensuring your project is always completed with the highest standards in mind.

“Excuses are the tools of the incompetent.”

- Mike Tomlin

About Inspired custom designs

Hamilton Renovation Contractor

Inspired Custom Designs was started in 2016 with the purpose of being a one stop shop for client’s real
estate investment needs.


We believed that the idea of buying a property that could be used as an
investment, maximizing its opportunity through design and renovation, and filling that property with
tenants was a broken and a chopped-up procedure. So an engineer and Realtor teamed up (Kind of like
the Property Brothers) to help give the best experience to anyone looking to bring their ideas to life.


Thus, we developed interconnected procedures to ensure you buy the property YOU need, then to
design to the space that YOU want, and to be finished to YOUR specifications. This idea flourished into
creating new homes for buyers, new units for tenants, and new spaces for entrepreneurs.

We are based out of the Hamilton and Niagara regions and have completed projects as far North as
North York, as far west as London, and as far south as Fort Erie. This means that for people in Ontario,
your most likely in our area. We are all real estate investors which means we understand a wide array of
desires and needs, and never recommend based on price but rather on what will suit your life best.
Give us a call, or email us a question and you can book you FREE in home design consultation and find
out just how easy it is to “Get Inspired” and watch your ideas begin to take physical form.